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Wires for the cutting of marble and granite, sintered or electroplated and with different assembling modes allow to meet any need in the cutting with multiwire, monowire and shaping machines.


After thirty years of presence on the market the BROCCO group has a complete know-how and has acquired a great experience also thanks to many manufacturing plants that use the products of the group: wires and machines.


A continuous research and innovation brought to the developing of diamond wires with reduced diameter to minimize the processing waste and to the designing of machine more and more performant to optimize the blocks processing.


Plants all over the world offer a real possibility to analyze and study the cutting process and an optimal support for those that are interested to purchase new machines or diamond wires. The BROCCO group has established a wide range of connections between the different productive sites and with a constant presence on the market offers the possibility to confront and experience a reality more updated.




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