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The diamond wires CO.FI.PLAST, designated to the quarry cutting, to blocks squaring and to production of slabs are completely designed and produced by the CO.FI.PLAST. Different types meet the needs of the market, starting with the stone industry up to the construction industry.

The high cutting performances are guaranteed by the quality of the diamond beads, that maintain the cutting characteristics in time. The optimizations of the productive process of the wire allowed to improve the EFFICIENCY of the cut, while guaranteeing the speed performance and the required precision. In addition a conscious use of the wire is translated as an increasing  of the duration of the wire itself, thereby reducing operation and replacement/renewal costs of the tool.

The company strategy has allowed the protection of critical manufacturing processes for the realization of the wire, guaranteeing the uniqueness of the product on the market and offering a high quality product solutions with high TECHNOLOGICAL content and unique in their kind.

The semplicity of use of the product, the attention to the SAFETY of the operators and of the environment guarantees a secure and stable functioning in time, without performance decrements. The resistance is expressed in the minimization of breakage during cutting resulting in increased productivity and minimization of risks and downtime.

The diamond wires CO.FI.PLAST are designed to ensure a good efficiency, high productions and stable performances in time, minimizing the costs of processing.

The perfect synergy between materials used and production processes led to  the realization of RELIABLE products able to ensure an efficient operation and constant in time.

A FLEXIBLE production and the availability of products even different between them meets the different requirements, offering products able to optimize certain productive, logistic and organizational needs. The range of diamond wires CO.FI.PLAST is in fact able to process any type of material both in the stone industry that in the construction sector, optimizing the processing parameters to ensure high productivity.

An appropriate SUSTAINABILITY of the process is guaranteed by the use of thee diamond wires of reduce diameter that allow to reduce the processing waste, reduce energetic consumption increasing the efficiency if the process and to minimize the quantity of the raw material processed.

The VERSATILITY of the CO.FI.PLAST products guarantee their universality offering solutions able to satisfy different product, management and productivity requirements both in the quarry and in the laboratory.

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