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The diamond wires CO.FI.PLAST are entirely projected and produced by the CO.FI.PLAST s.r.l. guaranteeing an 100% Italian production. Eeven if intended for quarry cutting, blocks squaring or slabs production, the diamond wires CO.FI.PLAST are able to adapt perfectly to the different needs of the market, from the stone to the construction sector.


The diamomnd wires for the QUARRY CUTTING are designed for the extraction of the stone, reducing energy consumption, the ambiental impact of the production and optimizing the plant productivity. The CO.FI.PLAST product range offers wires with rubber, plastic covering, mounted with springs or mixed, also with different diameters to meet every customer need.


The diamond wires for MONOWIRE MACHINES are designated to block squaring and to any other operation porformable with the monowire machines. Even in this case CO.FI.PLAST offers the market a varied range of products different by diameter and wire assembly able to fully meet the needs of the market.


The diamond wires for the MULTIWIRE MACHINES represent a new frontier of cutting systems with ultimate generation of multiwire machines. The strength point of the multiwire machines consists in the possibility to process an entire block in only one descent of the machine.


In about thirty years of direct work in the artifacts CONTROLLED DEMOLITION field the CO.FI.PLAST has acquired a considerable experience in the developemennt of the diamond wire for the cutting of the reinforced concrete. It was therefore able to develop different types of tools for different applicatioms.


In order to meet the needs of the SHAPED CUTTING in the last past years, have been developed new diamond wires with plastified or mixed covering availablee in different diamenters. It has been also developed a closed ring mounting (without junction), that allows a greater tension with a better cutting precision.


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