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The WIRES mono-wire machine are expressly designed for slab cutting and block squaring. The high reliability and the productivity are distinctive features and they have been promoted these development on to the market since 1998, when the first WIRES mono-wire machine was designed and manufactured.

The diamond wire tensioning, obtained thanks to the use of a two pneumatic cylinders, guarantees a symmetric functioning of the structure. The symmetry of the tensioning pulleys allow to equally distribute the tension along the diamond wire, guaranteeing a stable, precise and efficient functioning.

The supporting structure, is designed specifically to obtain a machine able to work in total absence of vibrations.

Any WIRES machine is completely automatic and, thanks to an avant-garde computerized control system consents  to insert, monitor and modify the cutting parameters during its functioning.

The WIRES ENGINEERING mono-wire machine are available in different configurations:

·        machines for slab cutting with an automatic cutting steps management (fix or variable)

·        block squaring plants (CRB) with round table

·        MULTI-BLOCKS implant with or without programming laser

·        Shape cutting plants

During 15 years of experience and tests, with machines installed all over the world, WIRES ENGINEERING created a technical-mechanical store of knowledge, which is constantly feed by the know-how accumulated during the design phases of the different produced machine.

The company know-how is continually re-invested internally in order to offer innovative and performant solutions. 

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