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A global team

Althought it was a strategic hiuce of the BROCCO group, to maintain the invested capitals in Italy, ensuring the customer an 100% national production, since the establishment of the company to today, the focus was on  commerrcial decentralization  in any strategic hub in the world. Each type of investment has been aimed to ensure the necessary presence the necessary presence in terms of markketing and on-site assistance, to offer the customer the added value of being able to intercat with operators of the place, thus obviating to language problems, customs, time zones, etc...


A team of technicians and officers  supports the client during the tool chose operations, machine configurations and optimization of the cutting parameters, towards an integrated, efficient and performant system.


Nowdays, the BROCCO group has a commercial presence in every area of the world.

Four poles of rigeneration of the tool are located in Spain, Brazil, U.S.A and Saudi Arabia with the plannig for additional future investments, to ensure an even more rapid and efficient service.



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