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The BROCCO group is the leader on the stone market worldwide. Its path starts in 1984 with the firsts hints of industrialization of the diamond wire, finding itself now to excel among the creators and designers of wire cutting machines.


CO.FI.PLAST started its own activity in the 1984 with the developement and production of diamond wires and stone extraction and cutting machines.

Since 1997 the WIRES ENGINEERING is engaged in the design, development and production of cutting plants and machines that use the quarry diamond cutting technology (production of trade blocks) and in the laboratory (subdivision of blocks into thin tradable slabs).

The development and production specifically refer to:

  • diamond wires (sintered and electroplated) with plastic fitting, rubber or with springs;
  • sintered and electroplated diamond beads
  • monowire and multiwire machines for slabs cutting and blocks squaring
  • machines for the construction industry for cutting the cement mixtures and other materials

The strength of the BROCCO group is the possibility to deal internally, on one hand with the designing the developing of the machine and cutting plants and on the other hand with the production of the related tools (diamond wires).

The possibility to test directly and in conjunction the machines and the diamond wire allowed the two companies to accumulate experience and an unique know-how that is the real competitive advantage at sectoral level.

During the testing phase we were able to adapt perfectly the characteristics and technical conformations of the machines so that we can fully exploit the potential of diamond wire cutting, paying at the same time a watchful eye at the needs expressed by the market itself.

The stone processing is extremely delicate and sophisticated. The signs of industrialization to which it is coming can be sustained only if each chain of activities in the sector respects its finesse and historicity. The BROCCO group with now over thirty years of presence on the market (and before that, with the possession of granite quarries), follows with extreme caution and respects this rule. This is family business, created and consolidated over the years under a knowledgeable and enthusiastic business guidance (the staying within the group of the two granite quarries BROCCO EMILIO EREDI and GAMMA SRL prove it). The two quarries of the group have a strong historical and emotional value for the BROCCO family. There are being extracted exclusively two valuable and highly diffused materials: the SIENITE and the DIORITE.


The dynamic ambient constantly vigilant makes that the range of products is evolving towards more and more technological solutions that meet market needs, respecting the art of cutting and its historical significance.



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