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Multiwire machines

The WIRES compact multiwire machines are born in the late nineties as natural and consequent development of the FALCON L class (long multiwire plants). They represent the definitive overtaking of the cutting technology with the gangsaws and are confirmed come leader product of the products range proposed by the WIRES ENGINEERING, presenting itself on the market as the most efficient way to transform a granite/marble block in slabs and thicknesses.

The WIRESS ENGINEERING has steadily developed a strong attention to market trends and customers needs, offering a range of innovative machines. Also thanks to the ease of use, to the high operating speeds and to the economy of the process the WIRES ENGINEERING multiwire compact machines guarantee a stable, efficient and reliable production.

The WIRES compact multiwire machines are proving a formidable success worldwide thanks to a series of advantages and innovations that characterize them.

The experience acquired in the sector and the know-how accumulated by the company in time, constantly feed the fundamental basis for the design and manufacture of construction of solutions always up-to-date. The WIRES compact multiwire machine arise due to analysis and processing the field experience that joined to the skills and the professionality inside the company, allow to obtain innovative solutions that meet the actual needs of the market. The simplicity joined to the very sho times of preparation of the machine guarantee optimal levels of productivity that associated with the Multiblock (MB) technology and to the advanced electronic management make the WIRES machines the optimal solution for the blocks processing.

The high productivity of the plant, the use of diamond wires of 6 and 7mm diameter and the reduced installation space required are some of the strengths of the WIRES compact multiwires.

The wires tensioning system (PATENTED SYSTEM) is composed by specific actuators that unlike the hydraulic system act as shock absorbers for the diamond wire, improving its performances as regards the duration and yield.

The possibility to produce at the same time slabs with different thickness (2 - 3 - 4 - 5 cm and multiples) optimizes the productivity of each cut block. The selection of the desired cut thickness is facilitated by the particular configuration of the covering inserts of the rollers and wheels that by exploiting a patented technology allows to position alternatively polyurethane inserts with different conformations in order to eliminate zones of criticity due to weakness of the sides of the race that receives the wire.

The construction technology of the innovative polyurethane inserts allows to perform simple and extraordinary maintenance on-site, thanks to the possibility to act directly on the interested zone, replacing the single damaged components. The rationalization of the number of the mechanical components, minimizes the operating costs and reduces the machine downtimes due to simple and extraordinary maintenance operations. It follows that the maintenance costs per square meter leave no room for comparison.

An innovative rollers cleaning system allows to remove, while the machine is cutting, the scraps and other waste parts maintaining the machine clean and efficient during the cut phase.

The internal designing allows the company to realize almost all machines in 2 versions: stationary and gantry. This flexibility meets the customer needs as regards the rationalization of the space and the production processes but also the blocks management.

The Stationary machines are still and use the translational cars to move the material. The Gantry machines in stead translate on rails and move in the correspondence with the block to be cut. This configuration optimizes the load and unload operations of the blocks increasing the productivity.

The solution to construct the machine as a portal opened in the front side, allows a fast and simple change or movement of the wires, reducing to the minimum the commitment in terms of time and resources and guaranteeing first place in terms of speed of arming of the WIRES machines. The wire circuit is short and allow to optimize the storage and management.

The diagnostic and the monitoring of the machine is managed rationally thanks to an advanced computer control system that allows to insert, monitor, modify and acquire the cut parameters during the machine operation. In addition the optimization of the adjustments during all cutting stages further simplifies the machine use, making the machine fully automatic.

The process and product innovation as result of in-depth design analysis, allowed the WIRES machines to reach the highest levels of efficiency and productivity.

The experience in the designing of cutting machines has promoted the developing of innovative machines, that have as their objective the achievement of full independence of the customer from the builder. In fact WIRES ENGINEERING produces machines able to guarantee to the user the maximum simplicity of simple and extraordinary maintenance, offering a complete autonomy of action minimizing downtimes. WIRES ENGINEERING has translated the essence of the product in specific product innovations to ensure the achievement of complete autonomy of the client.

The optimization of the structure allowed the construction of more robust, more efficient and more stable machines, guaranteeing production and reliability standards constant in time.

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