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For quarry cutting

CO.FI.PLAST is proud to have been the inventor and first manufacturer of diamond wires for the cutting of hard materials. The experience acquired allowed to design tools able to meet all cutting requirement.


The diamond wire represents the ideal solution for growing and processing of marble thanks to the low prices and high productivity that it offers. In the last past years the market is moving towards the replacing of the classing wire with springs to the one safer and more practical that is the plastified wire.


The diamond wire for the dry cutting is born from 30 years of experience in the field. The purpose of CO.FI.PLAST is that to supply the diamond wire ffor the dry cutting more suitable to the demands and needs based on the type of material, tools and intended use in the quarries of limestone, marble and travertine.


For further informations and details on the diamomìnd wires check the on-line catalog.


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